Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pepe Reina unhappy with Liverpool's situation in the Champions League

Liverpool only rescued a draw against Lyon at their last Champions League match, and now their situation in the European Competition is not the best. Goalkeeper Pepe Reina knows it and says it's "disgraceful" that his team depends on other's results.

Indeed, Liverpool could win their final two games and not qualify for the next stage of the Champions League. Lyon has to tie with Fiorentina in their next match to help Pepe's team keep alive.

The keeper is honest about it: "We have got two games to go and disgracefully we are not depending on ourselves; we need Lyon to get something in Fiorencia. Our priority is to win our two games that remain and we will keep trying. Miracles? They happen, particularly at Liverpool."

Lyon has proved to be a really tough team and Fiorentina has enourmous talent in players such as Gilardino and Vargas. So, there are not too many chances for Benitez's squad. The next weeks will be very important for Reina and his teammates.

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