Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Prince William from England and King Juan Carlos from Spain to attend the Champions League Final

According to many news agencies, Prince William is to attend tonight's Champions League final between Manchester United and Barcelona in the italian city of Rome, in his capacity as President of the English Football Association.

In fact, the Prince will meet key officials and other dignitaries in private before the match, during half-time and after the match. The Prince will be accompanied by senior English FA officials, including chairman, Lord Triesman.

As for King Juan Carlos of Spain, he will also attend the match in support of Barcelona and Prince William will be granted an audience with The King before the match.

However, what makes this game so important that the royal families of both competing nations should want to be in attendance, when they can view proceedings from the comfort of their sumptuous sofas.

We could say that the Champions League final is the biggest, most watched and most eagerly-anticipated club football encounter in the world.

It's interesting to notice that Manchester United are the champions of England, Barcelona are the champions of Spain and, by common consensus, the English Premier League and Spanish Primera Liga are the two most glamorous leagues in European football.