Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Josep Guardiola and Mourinho heat up the "clasico"

This Champions League semifinal is not just another one. Real Madrid will face Barcelona in the third "clasico" this month. And both coaches have expressed explosive statements in the previous hours.

Mourinho assured that "we have had two groups of coaches so far. Those ones who never complain about the referees, and those ones who clomplains of the ref's mistakes - including me. But Guardiola has started a new era, a new group -with one person, him - of coaches that complain about the referee's good decisions".

After those words, Guardiola lost his usual politeness and blasted back: "I've worked with Mourinho and I know him very well. In this room, he is the f*** boss and the one who knows everything. That's fine, I don't care if he feels good that way. Off the pitch, he has already won his particular Champions League. On the pitch, we will try to play good football and win the game".

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