Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona: Messi brights against 10-man rival

Lionel Messi is one of those players that show their value in the most difficult moments. He was born to make history, and that's exactly what he did at the Santiago Bernabeu. Ten-man Real Madrid could not stop the Argentinian footballer, who scored a double. Barcelona's 0-2 win over Madrid virtually seals their ticket for the Champions League final.

Another gifted footballer was on the pitch. But Cristiano Ronaldo was not meant to be the hero tonight. In fact, this third "clasico" was the most rough one, with too much violence and very little space for good football.

Now Mourinho's side must get at least three goals in Barcelona, and try not to receive any. Real Madrid coach already said that "it is mission impossible. We lost to a wonderful team, but it's a shame to have referees that always help Barcelona".

Guardiola said this is an important victory, but he expects to see a die-hard Real Madrid in the second leg of this semifinal: "a club with nine European titles never give up before playing the game".

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Anonymous said...

Messi is a real special player. Nobody can cheat the way he can and then stand aside and let the crowd and his cronies take over. Barcelona have scammed and cheated the best teams on this planet in collusion with the referees that UEFA have put up.
It will be shameful if this moral disgrace of a player is allowed to win the champions league. If he is so great as it is so proclaimed, why did he not prove his mettle by scoring a goal in the world cup.