Friday, May 06, 2011

Barcelona and Manchester United to meet in Champions League Final

Manchester United defeated Schalke at the Old Trafford and will meet Barcelona in the Champions League Final at Wembley. The two most powerful teams in the world are about to have the most exciting duel in the history of the competition.

Barcelona proved to be far superior than Real Madrid - even with Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka. The new version of the "Dream Team" includes World Champions Xavi, Iniesta, Villa, Puyol, Busquets, Pedro and Pique. What's more: they also have Lionel Messi, one of the most amazing footballers in history. Journalists, footballers and coaches around the world say that there is no team that could actually beat them.

But Ferguson's Manchester United could be the only team around powerful enough to defeat Barcelona. The Old Trafford club has explosive strikers such as Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez, Berbatov and Nani. They are absolute leaders of the Premier League and crushed Schalke 04 in the Champions League semis.

No one can tell for sure which are favorites for this game. The globe expects to see a unique clash on May 28.


Anonymous said...

How Will Barcelona win against Manchester united? The cheats have a number of tricks up their sleeve. 1. They can probanly score a goal or two from off side positions, then later they can claim that they were beautiful goals and manchester united never got the ball. 2. The real problem with manchester is that their midfield lines and backlines are very organized, so the urgent need is to get one of the central midfielders or central defenders sent off. Then they can probably claim that "special players" like busquets and messi and iniesta need protection. (Yeah right, no body can play act the way these rascals do) 3. The next tactic is a special one, like they did against chelsea, barca can deny man united half a dozen penalties. And then they can always say later that they had the ball and the tackles and handballs were fair 4. They can also call a couple of united goals offside.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All in all the cheats have a massive advantage even at wembley, especially the way UEFA has been licking barca rear ends. It will be a shameful demise of football if barca are to win at wembley.

MatteJerry said...

Was tough to single out winner, but soon as the game start. one could tell Barcelona was well prepapared.